Dionne Misina

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The Pennsylvania State University, B.S. – Mechanical Engineering


“Formation and Characterization of Carbon Deposits from Thermal Stressing of Gasoline and Diesel Fuels.”

Dionne Misina is a Senior Technology Specialist in the Mechanical and Biotechnology practice group. Dionne focuses not only on managing the group, but performing research as well. She conducts her research in a variety of fields including automotive, biomedical engineering, aeronautical, textile fabrication, fluid mechanics, robotics, and thermodynamics.

In addition to research, Dionne has a background in plant engineering and industrial engineering. She has designed and maintained conveyor systems in addition to contributing to the development of plant simulation systems.

Dionne is a mechanical engineer with a concentration in thermodynamics. She has extensive research experience in combustion within automotive and aircraft engines under the supervision of Dr. Semih Eser at The Pennsylvania State University.

Dionne enjoys cooking and baking in her free time and loves to satisfy the company’s sweet tooth. Some other interests include movies, especially action, and medieval renaissance fairs.