KramerAmado attorneys are experienced in drafting and prosecuting applications within widely varying areas including the biochemical, mechanical, and electrical fields. We employ a variety of drafting strategies to properly claim inventions as patentable subject matter under U.S. law while enabling variation in equivalent foreign patent applications according to foreign law.

We have experience drafting and prosecuting applications relating to many diverse technologies including:


KramerAmado believes effective patent prosecution begins with a thorough understanding of a client’s new technology as well as the business objectives related to that new technology. Our team works with inventors to pursue patent coverage that is not only technically accurate, but also tailored to the unique needs of varying IP strategies according to its clients’ business objectives.

Further, by maintaining continued communication with clients, we adapt IP strategies on a case-by-case basis or in response to changing business requirements. 

In addition to protection in the U.S., KramerAmado analyzes our clients’ business objectives and strategies to identify the ideal foreign countries for seeking expanded geographic patent coverage. From there we coordinate with a broad network of foreign associates to manage prosecution of international and foreign patent applications. 

Our office is located next to the USPTO. This close proximity enables our attorneys to regularly conduct in-person interviews with USPTO Examiners during prosecution. Establishing a rapport with the Examiner tends to lead to a shorter and more productive prosecution. In many cases, this process allows KramerAmado to obtain the most comprehensive patent coverage available.



KramerAmado addresses the needs of a wide range of clientele, from individual inventors and start-up companies to Fortune 500 corporations and other intellectual property law firms around the world.

Areas of expertise include patentability, novelty, and prior art searches, infringement, clearance, validity and state-of-the-art searches.


Post-Grant Review allows our clients to directly challenge unpatentable patent claims prior to costly patent litigation. KramerAmado believes that its expertise in patent research, prosecution and opinion preparation provides the tools necessary to promote its clients’ best interests.

Ex Parte Reexamination and Inter Partes Review are available after the expiration of the Post-Grant Review deadline.

KramerAmado has prepared and filed ex parte reexaminations for clients raising substantial new questions of patentability that resulted in the rejection of previously issued claims as well as the limiting of claim scope.


KramerAmado believes that every opinion it prepares must meet the business needs of its clients. Therefore, we strive to provide accurate, thorough, innovative, and timely legal analysis that is tailored to each client’s needs and expectations.

Our legal professionals have graduated from some of the most highly regarded intellectual property programs in the United States and are abreast of the constantly changing landscape of intellectual property law. Combined with advanced degrees in a wide range of scientific disciplines, these professionals have the skills necessary to apply complex legal analysis to any scientific or engineering challenge.

Our firm’s size allows it the flexibility to tailor specific solutions to the budgets, due dates, and level of analysis that is appropriate based on the purpose of each opinion.

Moreover, we strive to produce written opinions that are clear, concise, and accessible to legal professionals and business leaders alike.

KramerAmado looks forward to sharing its opinion expertise with you!