Trademarks represent the hard earned good will that results from years of producing and marketing high quality products and services. They are the face of your company and the primary association consumers make with your merchandise. KramerAmado has a concentrated focus on each aspect of the trademark process, including acquiring trademarks, enforcing trademark rights for clients, and maintaining registrations.

Similar to our focus on in-person interviews with Patent Examiners, KramerAmado’s attorneys routinely conduct telephone interviews with Trademark Examining Attorneys to expedite the allowance of applications to publication.

We have regularly been able to come to an accord on issues such as classification of goods and proposed specimens of use cost effectively without necessitating a time consuming written response.


Our experience in defending oppositions and cancellations includes maintaining the rights to a highly valuable trademark in the face of an opposition by a cyber-squatter. Many of the oppositions and cancellations that have been defended or filed have been dismissed after negotiations with the adverse party.


Conducting a trademark availability search and opinion before applying for registration of a mark, or even before using the mark, can avoid costly litigation or rebranding. KramerAmado provides counseling to business owners and brand managers on both the availability and the registrability of trademarks.

Our availability and registrability opinions range from preliminary reviews of federal registrations and applications to in-depth searches of federal, state, common law, litigation, Internet, and business registry databases. We can provide a basic availability and registrability opinion within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving a request.

Our opinions also evaluate the strength of registered and pending marks that may present issues of infringement and evaluate options for alternative branding strategies.