Thomas A. Powers, Ph.D.

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The University of North Carolina, Ph.D. – Chemistry
Wesleyan University, B.A. – Chemistry



Dr. Thomas A. Powers is a Patent Agent and researcher in the chemical and biotechnology practice group. Tom focuses on preparation and prosecution of U.S. and PCT patent applications in a variety of fields, including chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, and semiconductor chip fabrication and packaging.

In addition to prosecuting patent applications on behalf of domestic clients, Tom is experienced in working with international clients. He has prosecuted original and U.S. national stage applications on behalf of clients from Europe and Asia. He has also worked with foreign law firms to obtain international patent protection for his clients.

Before joining the firm, Tom was employed as a Patent Examiner by the USPTO. At the USPTO, Tom examined Patent Applications relating to laminated materals, optical disks, superconductive devices, and polymeric articles.

Tom is an organic chemist with extensive research experience at the undergraduate and graduate level, focusing on use of a variety of analytical and spectroscopic techniques. At the undergraduate level, he conducted research in organic electrochemistry under the supervision of Dr. Albert J. Fry at Wesleyan University. His work included both synthetic electrochemistry and analytical techniques, such as cyclic voltammetry.

Tom later conducted research on heteroatom NMR spectroscopy at the University of North Carolina under the supervision of Dr. Slayton A. Evans, Jr. His research focused on use of lanthanide shift reagents in oxygen-17 NMR spectroscopy.

Tom also has experience in computational chemistry. As an undergraduate, he applied molecular modeling to conformational analysis of hindered hydrocarbons. As a graduate student, he used ab initio computations to study complexes of sulfones with metal ions.

Tom enjoys pulp fiction, and collects original pulp magazines. Some of his favorite pulp magazines include science fiction and fantasy pulps, such as Planet Stories, Thrilling Wonder Stories, and Weird Tales. He also owns first editions of rare early pulp collections.

Tom collects jazz and classic rock records, and provides the music for the monthly KramerAmado happy hour.

Selected Research Publications:

“Albert J. Fry, Thomas A. Powers, Klaus Muellen, and Wolfgang Irmen; “Electrochemical behavior of layered annulenes,” Tetrahedron Letters (1985), 26(40), 4879-82.”

“Albert J. Fry and Thomas A. Powers, “Electrochemical reduction of (1-bromo-2,2-dimethylpropyl)benzene in dimethylformamide on carbon electrodes,” The Journal of Organic Chemistry (1987), 52(12), 2498-501.”

“Thomas A. Powers, Lee G. Pedersen, and Slayton A. Evans, Jr.; “Oxygen-17 NMR studies of heterocyclic sulfones and trans-2-(alkylsulfonyl)cyclohexanols utilizing the lanthanide shift reagent Eu(FOD)3,” Phosphorus, Sulfur, Silicon, and the Related Elements (1991), 59(1-4), 499-504.”

“Thomas A. Powers and Slayton A. Evans, Jr., “Lanthanide induced oxygen-17 NMR shifts of diastereotopic oxygen atoms in 1-thiadecalin 1,1-dioxide and related compounds,” Tetrahedron Letters (1990), 31(41), 5835-8.”

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